2001’s Duke Nukem Forever revealed in new leak

Duke Nukem Forever is perhaps known as the game that took years to release, having been passed around from publisher to publisher, and even upon release its reception was lower than expected by fans – with a lot of dissatisfied with the final quality of it.

Even though the title has fallen by the wayside for many, it still has an online fan community. And recently, information appeared about what can be considered one of the first development versions of the game, which dates back to 2001.

The website Duke 4 revealed a message shared on 4Chan about an alleged version of the game, which dates back to 2001 – and is very close to what 3D Realms revealed in the game’s E3 2001 trailer, although it is believed that it’s not the same version.

The lessor, whose identity has not been revealed, has made available a set of videos and images of the construction, proving that it is real. Himself Georges Broussardthe game’s original director, has confirmed that the version appears to be real, but it will be an unfinished version of the game that was planned for that time and never made available.

message from the original game creator

Broussard says he has no idea who made it available online, but fans should be aware that there is no final content in this release. However, the leaker claims that a large part of the maps are available – although unfinished – as well as the different chapters of the game.

Recall that Duke Nukem Forever was originally revealed in 1997, but more than a decade later the game would not be released, with original publisher 3D Realms running out of money to continue development and eventually shut down the project. in 2009. Gearbox Software has settled on the game’s name ever since, having released the final version in 2011 to mostly negative reviews.

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