BOLA – Brazil is the biggest exporter of players with Portugal as the main destination (Brazil)

Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of footballers, with Portugal as the main destination, reveals a study by the Football Observatory (CIES).

According to the CIES report, which analyzed 2,198 teams in 135 leagues around the world and compared it to what happened five years ago, on May 1, Brazil had 1,219 players playing in the abroad, i.e. 42 more footballers than in 2017.

Of the players who play abroad, almost 19% – 231 – are in the top three divisions of football in Portugal, with CIES mentioning that the Brazil-Portugal axis is ‘the main migratory route for football in the world’ .

France comes second, with 978 players in foreign leagues, 208 more than five years ago. CIES admits that France could soon be the world’s leading exporter. Argentina is in third place with 815.

Portugal appears in 13th place with 300 footballers playing in 52 foreign leagues, 65 more than five years ago. England are the main destination for the Portuguese, with 31 players, followed by Turkey, with 23, and Poland and Spain, both with 22.

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