BMW launches its cars without support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Nowadays, we have more and more access to technology inside our cars. Even the most traditional proposals are equipped with solutions such as Android Auto or Car Play, for even greater integration.

BMW has already followed this path and has Google and Apple options in its cars, as we have seen. However, from what has been revealed, these proposals fail and BMW launches its cars without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

BMW chips Android Auto Apple CarPlay Cars

Although it is something new in the automotive industry, this new position has gained new supporters in different brands. More and more cars are being launched without having all the components, thus ensuring that deliveries take place on the set dates.

Missing components are accessories and have no impact on performance. We are talking about accessory systems such as navigation or entertainment. It was precisely in the first that BMW chose when changing chip suppliers.

BMW chips Android Auto Apple CarPlay Cars

That is revealed, this process resulted in the removal of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, albeit temporarily. Support is not yet guaranteed and should arrive within a few weeks for these BMW cars.

From what BMW revealed, this scenario will have started in early 2022 and due to technical limitations. The brand has assured that a simple OTA update which will be released by the end of June will ensure that everything is back to normal, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay present.

BMW chips Android Auto Apple CarPlay Cars

The magnitude of this scenario is not known with certainty, but it is guaranteed to affect several countries in Europe. BMW hasn't disclosed where it enforces this limitation, but it's sure to be a global situation that affects multiple countries where the brand is represented.

The lack of chips and other components has led many brands to make similar decisions and release cars with missing components. The solution is usually to bring these vehicles back to dealerships so that the missing items can be assembled.

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