The Sporting handball hosts next Saturday, May 7, 6:00 p.m., Porto. The duel between lions and dragons is dubbed by many “the game of the year” and the truth is that all the ingredients for a huge spectacle are there.

Porto leads the Campeonato Placard Handebol 1, with 73 points in 25 games (24 wins and one loss). Sporting are second, with 72 points in 25 matches (23 wins, one draw and one loss).

So far, the lions have conceded only in matches with direct rivals. In the first round, after triumphing in the stronghold of Benfica (30-27), Ricardo Costa’s team lost by one goal (31-30) during the visit to the Dragons field. More recently, when receiving the eternal rival, Sporting scored 32 goals, holding the important advantage in the direct confrontation with the reds.

In turn, Porto lost in the move to Lisbon, against Benfica, after being beaten by the Eagles, by 36-33. The Dragons won the remaining games.

Benfica – which has 67 points in 24 matches (21 wins, one draw and two losses) – lost, as mentioned above, against Sporting, but also against Vitória de Setúbal, which complicates (and a lot) the accounts for the eagles .

For Sporting to be National Champion – the title has eluded them since the 2017/18 season – the conclusion is relatively simple: only victory will do.

So let’s break it down:

  • Scenario 1: Sporting beat Porto by two or more goals
    • In this case, the lions would add 75 points, against 74 for the blues and whites (a defeat is worth one point). In addition to the point advantage, the greens and whites would gain the upper hand in the direct confrontation, which would allow a draw in the four days that will be played after the classic.
    • Imagining that after the classic, Sporting would win three and draw, they would add 86 points. Even if Porto won all their engagements, the Dragons would be at 86 points, but at a head-to-head disadvantage.
  • Scenario 2: Sporting beat Porto 31-30
    • In this situation, the lions would naturally continue to have a points advantage (75 against 74 points), but they would be tied in terms of direct confrontation, since they also lost to Dragão Caixa by the same result. In practice, Sporting would continue to depend only on themselves to be National Champion, being obliged to win all four games until the end of the competition.
  • Scenario 3: Sporting beat Porto by one goal, but the dragons score less than 30 goals
    • In this scenario, the situation is the same as mentioned in scenario 1 (see above), since, although victory is within the same margin of what the dragons have achieved at home, the lions have an advantage in direct confrontation for scoring more away goals.
  • Scenario 4: Sporting beat Porto by one goal, but the dragons score more than 30 goals
    • In this case, even with the leonine victory, Porto would have an advantage in the direct confrontation. However, to win the title, it would be enough for the lions to win all four games until the end.
  • Scenario 4: sporting draw against Porto
    • In the event of a tie between the lions and the dragons, the accounts get a little complicated, but the first conclusion is that Sporting no longer depends solely on you to be National Champion.
    • If the Lions and Dragons finish the 60 minutes tied, Porto will continue to lead (75 points) and Sporting will add 74 points.
    • However, the dragons would have an advantage in direct confrontation, which greatly complicates the accounts for the leonin camp. Until the end of the Championship, Porto will still have to welcome Benfica, but, in this scenario, they would only need a draw against the eagles to win the title.
      • Score after the derby: Porto (75) and Sporting (74)
      • If the Dragons win the remaining three games and tie with the Eagles, they will score a total of 86 points. If Sporting won all four games to the end, they would also have 86 points, but Porto would have an advantage in the direct confrontation and win the title.
    • Scenario 5: Porto beat Sporting
      • If the dragons beat the lions next Saturday, the title is practically given. Porto would go on to add 76 points against Sporting’s 73 and even have the luxury of losing one of the four games until the end.

Find out what’s left to play until the end of the Placard Handball Championship 1:

  • trip 26
    • Sporting – Porto
    • Sanjoanense – Benfica
  • trip 27
    • Aguas Santas – Sporting Lisbon
    • Porto–Sanjoanense
    • Benfica – Belenenses
  • trip 28
    • Sporting – Madeira SAD
    • Porto-Benfica
  • trip 29
    • SC Horta – Sporting
    • Aguas Santas – Porto
    • Benfica – ADA Maia
  • trip 30
    • Sporting-Povoa
    • Porto – Madeira SAD
    • Aguas Santas – Benfica

*Benfica still have one game late at Madeira SAD

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