The first house purchase with cryptocurrencies in Portugal is closed – Criptoativos

Portuguese real estate agent, Zome, carried out the first public deed in Portugal, where a direct exchange between crypto assets and property was carried out without the need to convert into euros.

“The first transfer from a digital asset to a physical asset – a house – without any conversion into euros was made with a three-bedroom apartment in Braga,” Zome said in a statement. The mediator also adds that this was the first direct crypto exchange to be made in Europe.

The deal was brokered by law firm Antas da Cunha ECIJA and other Crypto Valey partners in Switzerland. The signing of the deed was attested by the president of the order of notaries himself, Jorge Batista da Silva.

Looking ahead, the company guarantees that it is committed to “continue to bet on technology and position ourselves at the forefront of the world of web 3.0”.

In mid-April, in an interview with Negócios, Jorge Batista da Silva had already acknowledged that there were more and more individuals and real estate funds willing to acquire homes with crypto, which led the Order of notaries to issue a series of non-binding opinions. guidelines to assist in the process of signing promissory contracts and public deeds.

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