‘I can’t work like that'”

Pedro Mil-Homens has recounted the conversations he had with Rúben Amorim when he tried to convince him to coach the Eagles Under-23s. Benfica’s general manager of training recalled the invitation that the now coach of the lions had refused in 2019 and explained the reason for this refusal.

“Rúben Amorim, in this context of squads that are not confined, of teams in which players go up and down, told me: ‘I am not able to work like that, I do not see myself working like that. that, I’ve never worked like that, I don’t want to be the U23 coach who has to give away players”. I replied: “But Rúben, the football project works like that. It doesn’t work otherwise”. “I could make a big mistake, but I don’t think it will work well for me”. It was as simple as that. And, probably, to support Rúben Amorim’s career, I was right. There’s nothing wrong with having a coach with a more suitable profile to work in a certain way or others. It depends on what the coach wants for the career at a certain time”, he began by telling in an interview with the newspaper A Bola.

The manager also spoke about Benfica’s deviation from the road when they fired Bruno Lage and brought in Jorge Jesus to command the main squad. Pedro Mil-Homens also admitted he didn’t agree with the coaching change as he knew it would affect the opportunities for young players.

“Under these circumstances, poor management [as oportunidades aos jovens], because at that time Benfica made a tactical change, not a strategic one, which I respect, but with which I did not agree. Benfica slipped. The results, unfortunately, are in sight. How is it managed? It is confidently run in the direction that is pulled upstream. And just because things went wrong at some point doesn’t mean you have to drastically change course,” he said.

Given the Youth League conquest, it is expected that there will be some use of the youngsters in the roster by the new red coach. Pedro Mil-Homens doesn’t guarantee how many will get this opportunity, but he hopes he can contribute to the main team with the quality of his training.

“We are waiting for our process of dialogue with professional football, with the new coach, with whom we will deal with these issues. There is a need for assessment and consideration regarding the degree of competitive preparation of these players. The size of the football professional What matters is that there is dialogue, availability to assess the players we have at these competitive levels”, he added.

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