Rachid Badouri reveals how much the sweater he wears on the poster of his show costs and it’s exorbitant!

This Tuesday on his show The Fabulous Spring of Marie-Lyne, Marie-Lyne Joncas received Rachid Badouri.

During a segment where she asked him questions where he was free to brag, the comedian attributed that the most expensive piece of clothing in his wardrobe was the hoodie who had worn on the poster of his show carpet flowers. See the image at the bottom of the article.

Indeed, the hoodie is worth $3,000!

He succeeded in overtaking that of Loud at ADISQ, which had been talked about few years ago . Indeed, the rapper’s Balenciaga brand sweater was worth over $1,100 at the time.

Moreover, Rachid et al. Marie-Lyne made jokes about Loud’s phlegm during the show. ” Imagine all this is a character and when he arrives at their house, he closes the stores, closes the door and he is like: “Whoa!” “.

Let’s remember that, last Sunday at Everybody talks about itAlexandre Barrette teased Marie-Lyne Joncas for reporting on her show’s ratings. See the excerpt here.

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