Everyone is talking about it: Alexandre Barrette teases Guy Jodoin who receives a big surprise

This size at Everybody talks about it, Dude. A. Lepage received Guy Jodoin and Bruno Blanchet as the speaker for the web series melancholy.

The former was on set, plus the latter was joined live from his apartment in Thailand via Zoom. Unfortunately, the connection failed and it disappeared from the screen.

A few seconds later, he reappeared, but in the studio. Guy Jodoin was very surprised and happy to see his friend appear at his side, so happy that he forgot the two meters set. They gave each other a warm hug.

Alexandre Barrette, co-host for this penultimate evening, said: “ The perception can change on television, the more they respected the two meters all along. »

It’s a Thai two-meter says Guy A. Lepage.

later, Guy Jodoin says this to explain his gesture: “ That’s what we call humans. Sometimes we get closer like that when we don’t have the right, it’s because we’re human. »

No one was aware of Bruno Blanchet’s surprise visit to Quebec, not even his own mother. ” Can we wait a bit because my mother ran off to get her pump because she ran out of air “, he said.

See the little masquerade of the team of Everybody talks about it at the bottom of the article.

The 10 10-minute episodes of La mélancolite are not available now on ICI TOU.TV.

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