THE BALL – Carlos Carvalhal defended Paulo Sérgio: “It was just what was missing” (SC Braga)

Carlos Carvalhal suffered to leave Jamor with three points and go 22 games without conceding in the league, against a Belenenses SAD who cannot let go of the red lantern. In reaction to the win, the Minho coach came to the defense of Portimonense coach Paulo Sérgio and also addressed the future.

“We looked for the goal from the start, the way Belenenses SAD played, more directly, led us to interpret the game and have more ball only after 20 minutes, then we corrected the positions and we managed to have more ball and play. We didn’t play alone, we knew it was going to be difficult, the changes at half-time were aimed at giving more movement to the wings, we created more chances and we were the most dangerous team that was always closer to victory. We are three points more than last year in this round and we will try to reach the third best record in the history of the club and to give seriousness to the competition, at a time when everything is in question. I didn’t want to be in Paulo Sérgio’s shoes, having to respond to a situation like this. There is no disciplinary council, no president, who can interfere in the management that the coaches make of the teams. We coaches are the maximum authority to manage the team, if this is questioned we lose the authority, that was all it took,” he stressed, in statements to whirlwind interview given sports tv.

Asked about his future, Carlos Carvalhal was calm: “I have a contract until the end of the season, I fulfill it with dedication to SC Braga, from morning to evening thinking about how we are going to win the game. team, if not, no I’m worried. I haven’t defined anything, out of respect for everyone, club, players and management.

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