Enong 2022 ended with changes in the structure of Anaids, the choice of performances and the presentation of a new Feminist Collective – Agência AIDS

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The 21st Enong (National Meeting of NGOs/Ais) ended in Fortaleza, on Friday night (29). The last period of the meeting discussed the representations and financing of health and indicated the orientations and forms of organization of the social movement for the next two years. The disappearance of the National AIDS Joint Secretariat (Anaids), with the return of the previous model based on the collegiate body of NGOs/AIDS Forums, was one of the decisions approved by the activists present at the final plenary, with 66 votes for and ten abstentions. .

For nearly two hours, the proposals gathered in the prepared document, divided into 4 points, were discussed. Activist Marcia Leão, from the Rio Grande do Sul NGO/AIDS Forum and Moyses Toniolo from RNP+/BA coordinated the final plenary session, which also approved the names of Rodrigo Pinheiro (Foaesp/SP) and Jair Santos (Paravida/PA ) to representation with GT Unaids and confirmed Regina Bueno, from Rio de Janeiro, as one of the representations in the National Board of Health.

The final document presented includes 30 courses of action, covering various topics ranging from positions to adopt to advocacy strategies during the October elections. Event coordinator Vando Oliveira of RNP+/Ceará thanked funders, supporters and participants.

feminist collective

The creation of a Feminist Collective was presented to the delegates as an alternative to combat machismo and an attempt to broaden perspectives on issues related to AIDS.

Carla Almeida (Gapa / RS), said that the group formed by cis and trans women who are part of the movement against AIDS, is now called the Feminist Collective in the fight against HIV and AIDS Gabriela Leite, in tribute to the founder of the prostitute movement in Brazil. “Long before the concept of the feminist whore existed, Gabriela already assumed it and today she serves as an inspiration.” For her, “women often do not have a space to speak within the movement itself, this reinforcement aims to broaden this participation by guaranteeing the right to speak”.

Maria Elias Silveira, from the Movement of Prostitutes of Pará, expressed her concern to further refine the interests between the two movements because, according to her, “the majority of prostitutes’ organizations do not consider the issue of HIV/AIDS as a priority and many do not want to approach the Brazilian Movement for the Fight against AIDS”.

Click here and read the entire final approved document.

Liandro Lindner, special for the AIDS Agency

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