Celine Dion still reports her return to the stage

“Well yeah, here we go again. Celine Dion warned that she had to postpone the European tour because of the same health problems that forced her to move her residency concerts to Las Vegas last fall.

Updated April 29

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
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In a three-minute video posted on the internet in which she appears sad and resigned, the singer revealed that she was still suffering from muscle spasms and that she was unable to offer her series of concerts across the Atlantic. , before May 25 to September 24. These performances will now be held from February 24 (Prague, Czech Republic) to October 4, 2023 (Helsinki, Finland).

Remember that initially, the European portion of the Courage World Tour was to open in the spring of 2020. Pandemic obliges, it had been moved for the first time.

The multiple reports forced the cancellation of some performances.

In identical messages delivered in French as in English, Céline Dion indicates that you feel “still a little better”.

“But it sure isn’t going fast enough, and it’s super frustrating for me,” she says between sighs. My doctors follow me, I receive treatments, plus I always have muscle spasms. »

The diva of Charlemagne indicates that she is doing the best she can to get back in shape “as soon as possible”. It helps to be “in good shape, in good health” to get back on stage and be able to “give 100%” of herself.

“Because that’s what you deserve,” she adds.

Celine Dion’s record company, Sony Music, declined to comment on the news. The promoter of the artist’s new show at the Resorts World hotel-casino complex in Las Vegas did not respond. It is unclear how this announcement will affect his residency contract. Passed later than I Thursday, Weekly entertainment published an article about the most anticipated concerts of 2022 in the city of vice. And those of Celine Dion become part of the lot. No more date in the reminder was specified.

Reached by phone, Celine Dion’s musical director after 2015, Scott Price, said he was happy that, finally, the majority of concerts had been postponed and not canceled.

“I think about Celine hatching, that she takes all the time she needs to recover. I will be there for her when it is time,” added the pianist.

Muted fan reaction

This announcement caused mixed reactions among Celine Dion fans, pointing us to various groupings of admirers around the world, including The Dion Family, Celine Dion Italia and Celine Dion Holland. Although saddened and frustrated, most will continue to support the interpreter of my heart Will Go On. They hope that she will find the shape to give her shows.

However, they severely criticize its management team, which has been done rather discreetly in this period of. In other words, they did not appreciate the radio silence of the last six months regarding the professional activities and the state of mind of the Quebec icon.

Faithful Dutch admirer of Celine Dion, Mathias de Groot had kept his tickets to go see his concert at the Ziggo Dome, in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, but this time, he will ask for a refund.

“Because of all this reporting, I’m less confident and less excited about the show,” the 35-year-old explains. But of course, Celine’s health takes precedence over everything. »

Mathilde Prunier, from Limoges, France, had also demanded to be reimbursed. She was to attend the two concerts in Paris in the summer. She deplores the lack of transparency of the artist’s entourage, whom she did not find “comfortable” in her video message.

We have the habit of a Céline with an open heart, and that is no longer what we have. It is a stable foot. […] I remain convinced that something is being hidden from us.

Mathilde Prunier

For Renato, a 39-year-old Italian fan who booked his tickets to cheer on his idol on July 15, 2023 at the Lucca Summer Festival, his state of health is “worrying”.

Same story on the side of Dhruv Kachari, 32 years old German living in Darmstadt, who was ready to sing Because you loved me loudly from the floor of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. “I hope Céline is on her feet and gets all the help she needs to heal, but her team needs to learn to communicate better. They need to be more open with their fans who have proven it since the 1990s. We are not a bunch of capricious teenagers. »

In recent years, various health problems have forced Celine Dion to postpone engagements. In the fall of 2019, as she began her tour Courage, a virus in the throat had contracted him in complete rest. In 2018, due to a middle ear disorder, he had dozens of canceled performances at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. In November 2017, a few concerts had been torpedoed because she suffered from back spasms.

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