half of FC Porto’s squad have never celebrated a title

If FC Porto reach the 30th title, there are a dozen names guaranteed to enter the gallery of winners of the national championships. Cláudio Ramos, Meixedo and Fernando Andrade are still dreaming.

The defeat at Braga, combined with Sporting’s win at Bessa, helped prevent FC Porto from settling the title problem last weekend. However, the lead based on a six-point advantage over second-placed opens up bright prospects for 12 Dragons, who seek the chance to become national champions for the first time in their respective careers.

A remarkable number, but one that is far from unknown in the era of “Design”. In the two championships already won with Sérgio in charge, 29 players have received the “baptism” title, including 17 in the first, in 2017/18. Thus, the world tally could soon reach 41, confirming Porto’s 30th domestic title.

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