Only 25% of patients recovered one year after having covid, according to an English study

published on 04/25/2022 20:28 / updated on 04/25/2022 20:49

After more than 500 million infected worldwide, researchers fear that the long-term covid will become chronic – (credit: Pascal GUYOT / AFP)

Only a quarter of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 fully recovered a year after its release, according to a new study carried out in the United Kingdom. The research was published on the specialized portal Respiratory Medicine The Lancet last Saturday (23/4). According to the authors, “there are no effective pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions for patients with long-term covid”, so the article focused on describing people’s recovery over time. .

To this end, data from 2,320 people who left hospital between March 7, 2020 and April 18, 2021 were evaluated. health status of volunteers through a self-description questionnaire, in addition to physical capacity tests and clinical examinations of the functions of various organs. The recovery was described as “limited” and the decline in quality of life as “impressive” by Dr Rachael Evans, who led the study.

“We found that female gender and obesity were the strongest risk factors for not recovering within a year…In our clusters, female gender and obesity were also associated with health problems. more serious ongoing health conditions, including a reduction in physical performance and quality of life”, detailed the scientist.

You long term symptoms the most common of covid were fatigue, muscle aches, physical sluggishness, lack of sleep and shortness of breath. According to co-author Louise Wain, the findings show “an urgent need for healthcare services to support this large and growing patient population in which there is a substantial burden of symptoms.”

She warns against the risk of new chronic condition spread all over the world. “Without effective treatments, long-term covid can become a new, widespread long-term disease. Our study also provides a rationale for investigating long-term covid treatments with a precision medicine approach to target treatments to the individual patient profile.

The article Clinical characteristics with a long COVID inflammation profile and association with one-year recovery from hospitalization in the UK: a prospective observational study can be read in full, in English, on the site of The Lancet.

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