Brigitte Boisjoli reveals she is engaged

Brigitte Boisjoli reveals that she is now engaged!

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It is in a big way that the singer revealed the good news, while she was passing through, Friday, on the set of It ends well the week.

She was invited there to talk about her most recent tour entitled Brigitte Boisjoli Month 40, as she will reach her forties next September. However, it is not only on the professional level that things are going well for Brigitte: she is also happy on the personal side.

Julie Bélanger and José Gaudet questioned the artist about the proposals she had made during her last visit, last year, when she was then single and had stopped believing in it. She mentions that when she met Jonathan, she began to believe in true love again. Then, she revealed that the latter had asked her for her hand, in December.

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Brigitte Boisjoli also creates a superb burst of laughter on the set announcing that Julie Bélanger will be invited to the wedding… more not José! Remember that the two women had animated together on the radio, when Brigitte replaced Marie-Eve Janvier, then on maternity leave.

Also, as a preview, a first extract from his next album was unveiled live. Title Lie to methe piece will be launched in May.

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