Fábio Martins next to Sandro Cruz: ‘I already know it will be trivialised’ – Benfica

Portuguese winger ex-Sp. Braga and Famalicão ask people to be “educated”

Fábio Martins showed his solidarity with Sandro Cruz after the racist insults he suffered in Vila do Conde. The Benfica B team revealed this Sunday that going through a depression and the winger who played in Portugal in Sp. Braga, P. Ferreira, Famalicão, Chaves and Aves touched on questions worth thinking about. “For you, Sandro Cruz, and for all the Sandros in our football: while I was living and playing in Portugal, I repeatedly warned about one of the great problems in Portuguese football. I find it difficult to see that the children will continue to live in the environment I was living in. Sandro was the victim of racism last weekend. Isolated case? I wish. It happens in all stages because unscrupulous human beings Sandro is went public today to talk about a taboo subject. Mental health. Unfortunately, I already know it will be trivialized. Because they “earn a lot” and they just “have to know how to deal with it. “. But no. It is not us who must know how to deal with it. It is the people who must be educated and, above all, they must understand that their passion is our work. They must understand that they too are fed up. to make mistakes in their work, but they are lucky not to have g ens who do not know anywhere by insulting them. Football is a difficult world. But the Portuguese, sometimes it’s too toxic. What a shame. If it weren’t for us to be the birthplace of the best in the world. Hang on, Sandro. You will shine, that’s for sure”, underlined the now footballer of Al Wahda (United Arab Emirates).


Sandro Cruz: “When you're depressed, you feel like nothing makes sense.  I'm in a bad place

Note that Sandro Cruz was a starter and lined up today against Ac. sight for 75 minutes.

By Flavio Miguel Silva

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