Tom Cruise on Netflix: before Top Gun 2, catch up with the first film before it leaves the platform

Say goodbye to Top Gun on Netflix before the release of its sequel to the cinema? You don’t have much time! The cult film is indeed leaving the platform in a few days.

Adoration for an entire generation, Top Gun enshrined Tom Cruise starring in a 1986 release action movie. Directed by the late Tony Scott, the film follows a young flying ace from a school reserved for the elite of US naval aviator Pete Mitchell, known as “Maverick”, who falls under the spell of an instructor while competing for the title of best pilot.

Also starring Kelly McGillis, Tom Skerritt, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan in the cast, the feature film, produced for around 15 million dollars, was a real hit around the world, with more than 350 million dollars in revenue, the biggest hit of 1986.

However, he will have waited more than 30 years for a sequel to see the light of day, the more its release is now imminent: on May 25th. Top Gun: Maverick, which has been repeatedly postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will also be presented out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

But before you find the hotheaded Maverick in his new trainer of a detachment of young Top Gun school graduates for a special mission that no pilot could ever have imagined, you will soon (re) see the movie again original on Netflix a few days. Plus he’ll be leaving the platform for good on April 30, so don’t delay to enter the Danger Zone!

The Top Gun 2 trailer:

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