Spotify expands support for video podcasts to more creators and regions

Youtube? Nothing! You podcasts the video can now have another destination: the Spotify. The music streaming platform already started testing the feature last year, but will now support videos from podcasters much more broadly.

According to Spotify, creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are already allowed to use this feature. The videos, which can be uploaded through the Anchor tool, are compatible with the platform’s podcast subscription feature and work with embeds.

The good news for those who didn’t have access to video podcasts is that Anchor will let you replace audio episodes with video versions. This means creators won’t lose recordings until video podcasts are supported.

And speaking of recording, the streaming also announced a partnership with Riverside: a remote recording tool to facilitate filming and posting to the platform. Additionally, creators will be able to embed interactive features into videos (such as polls) and access content analytics to optimize their shows.

“With this latest expansion, we continue to make video podcasting a great experience for creators, allowing them to reach new global audiences, learn how they monetize their content, and engage with fans in new ways” , said the Spotify publication.

Image: Disclosure/Spotify

The launch isn’t available here in Brazil yet, but the company says it will expand the feature to other markets “in the future.”

Spotify x YouTube

This move is seen as a direct attack on YouTube. Google’s video platform has become the scene of several video podcast channels, both for those who broadcast the images in full and for the secondary profiles popularized by the “cuts”. And capturing part of this audience can be interesting for Spotify.

Interestingly, the Youtube does the opposite, as a leaked document revealed that the platform will be able to create a page dedicated to audio podcasts.

By all indications, the duel between the giants may be far from over.

Source: Spotify

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