Bruce Willis sick: a magnificent photo shared by his daughter Rumer, with a very Frenchy detail

Rumer Willis shared joined a series of photos with Bruce Willis on Instagram. The young woman appeared nostalgic, after the announcement of the illness of her famous father.

“FATHER”. Four meaningful letters for Rumer Willis. On March 30, his family announced to the world that Bruce Willis was ending his career on the big screen due to health issues. Indeed, the star of die hard suffers from aphasia, a communication disorder that affects cognitive abilities. For his daughter Rumer Willis, it’s heartbreaking. the daughter of Bruce Willis and Half Moore the published photo of the actor and her, child, immortalized in a moment of tenderness and complicity. The star kisses her daughter’s forehead. “FATHER”writing Rumer Willis in a very Frenchy legend.

Rumer Willis sharing many photos taken from family archives on his Instagram account. We see his sisters in particular. In effect, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis lived eleven years of love, from 1987 to 1998. From this union were born three daughters: Rumorin 1988, Scoutin 1991 and TalulahIn 1994. Bruce Willis to two other daughters with his second wife Emma HemmingEvelyn and Mabel.

The Willis clan stands up

1uh April, Emma Heming-Willis had decided to speak on Instagram. In a message about, he simply thanked his subscribers for their bra, considered to show a sharp pain. “Your love, your bra, your compassion and your prayers really help, she wrote. I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” A family united in the face of illness.

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