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Ladies, put on your white high heels bought at Aldo. Gentlemen, wax your wet armpits and your sculpted torsos. It’s time to visit our Amigos gringos and gringas de the island of love at TVA, always on the verge of a stroke when they receive a text on their Videotron mobile device.

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In the future influencers Sunwing dropped off dumbbells and egos in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, in search of the holy grail in the dense jungle of celibacy: the right vibe. How to describe this state of sweet bliss, often cradled by two or three cans of Beach Day Every Day? The vibe is vibe, the gang. She cannot be described in words. It is a flow that is seen as “living there”. A kind of aura more Marky Mark than Beach Boys. Is it chill for you?

Perfect. A good deal of professionalism. Because without a good vibe, seriously, what was the use of all those pretty neon signs, those popping bottles of Ruffino and those pillows with vitamin accents? Nothing at all. And it would be as sad as poor 23-year-old model and author Rubie, who has suffered a series of minor humiliations since Monday night.

At the same time, welcome to the island of love, paradise for the curved pectoral and the curved false eyelash. This concept of English reality TV requires (tinsmith, beautician or psychology student) to form a couple from the first minutes of the show.

The amorous selection, based solely on the physique of the participants — the vibe will come later, don’t be afraid — unfolds in front of little hearts cut out of styrofoam, then stuck on the terrace of the huge villa. Yes, all these young twenty-somethings from Mascouche or Candiac parade in bathing leotards in the colors of Easter eggs.

That’s it, the island of love. This is not an aspirational Chantal Lacroix show. There is ethnic diversity among the competitors, of course. More body diversity. After a few seasons, double occupancy on Noovo try to break this tanned and cut mold. Still, the bachelors who win the condos in the 450 almost all fit into a standard physique type, while the more voluptuous Jenny’s dream like pancakes at Cora’s.


We cannot say that there is a lot of body diversity in The island of love.

back to the south the island of love, the first episodes already contain more twists, tongue-in-cheek hashtags, and tattoos in Spanish than last year. It’s best oiled, as coppery skin exposes to UV rays. And finally, the time of broadcast follows in a clear fashion: Monday to Thursday at 9 p.m., on the airwaves of TVA.

The success of these Cupid reality shows is based on the quality of its characters. Smart people like William, the sharp-eyed 20-year-old real estate broker, or Amanda, the jovial 20-year-old beneficiary attendant, pay off on camera. Luckily they form a triangle with Samuel, the 23-year-old fashion adviser, because the other heart plots beat weaker than the roaring background music of “Carrefour Laval shoe shop in the late 90s” type. .

In the narration, Mehdi Bousaidan notes the slightest discomfort or decorative detail, like us at home. It’s great, self-mockery, it’s funny. More humor could leave some discomfort rather than systematically defusing it.

As for the facilitator Naadei Lyonnais, she seemed much more expansive and agile than last year. However, we feel that she is detached from the islanders, while a Jay Du Temple, for example, is deeply involved in double occupancy. As if Naadei, muse of diversity, did not approve 100% of the stereotypes that washed up on the golden beaches of her beautiful shipwrecked island.

Finally, new Serge Boucher!

Each of the series produced by Serge Boucher is a television event eagerly awaited by his fans. There is me confession, Appearances, Lights, brittle and he and will have fragments next season on’s Extra.

The plot, nourished with the secrets of the past, looks like pure Serge Boucher with heavy questioning and a domino effect that upsets the existence of all the characters.


James Hyndman embodies the character of François Bibeau in the new serge by Serge Boucher, fragments.

The story now. More than 30 years after cutting ties, for a reason that we won’t divulge here, François Bibeau (James Hyndman) bumps into Marlène Cormier (Céline Bonnier), director of a research chair at Concordia.

François, father of two adult children, and Marlène formed, with two other friends, the famous quartet of Victoriaville, inseparable between the end of high school and CEGEP.

The chance meeting between François and Marlène in 2022, in downtown Montreal, will bring back to life a bundle of buried memories.

To add to the mystery, a former member of the quartet (Camille Felton) died too young while making Marlène swear to take care of her son Tomas (Félix-Antoine Duval). For her part, Marlène has kept in touch with the author Paul-André (René Richard Cyr), who lives after 30 years with Renaud (Luc Guérin), another friend of Victo’s band.

At the time, François had a crush on Marlène and Paul-André had a thing for François. In short, there is a lot of unsaid in their relationship. The director Claude Desrosiers if seen behind the camera of fragments for the ten one-hour episodes. Filming begins Monday. The series alternates between the past and the present in the manner of Lights. The defendant distribution also Irdens Exantus, Schelby Jean-Baptiste, Carla Turcotte, Maxime Gibeault and Dominique Leduc.

Meanwhile, Serge Boucher talks about fragments as an “intimate philosophical chronicle”. “The series celebrates life, love, desire, ass, happiness and death. It’s a series about healing,” notes Serge Boucher. game to see fragments ? Me ! And not just pieces, the whole series.

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