Pneumonia from Covid-19 raises risk of dementia, study finds

A study from the University of Missouri School of Medicine reveals that hospitalized patients with pneumonia caused by Covid-19 are more at risk of developing madness compared to other types of lung infections. The finding is part of an analysis that pulled together 1.4 billion medical records from Cerner Real World Data, based on information collected from patients hospitalized with inflammation of the lungs in conditions that have persisted for more than 24 time.

minimum difference

Despite the observation, the difference is small. Of the 10,403 patients with Covid-associated pneumonia, 312 (3%) had dementia after recovery, compared with 263 (2.5%) of those with other types of illness. lung inflammation and eventually developed dementia.


The study suggests that cognitive diagnoses be made that can help in the identification of possible early signs of dementia. Image: Light source – Shutterstock

According to research, the risk increases in people over the age of 70, affecting memory as well as other cognitive functionssuch as the ability to perform daily tasks.

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Analysis of cognitive deficits

The median time between infection and diagnosis of dementia was 182 days for patients with Covid-19, which requires screening that also analyzes possible cognitive deficits.

“The findings suggest the need for screening for cognitive deficits in Covid-19 survivors,” said lead researcher Adnan I. Qureshi.

“If there is evidence of impairment on screening and the patient continues to report cognitive symptoms, a referral for a full evaluation may be required,” the doctor revealed in a note.

Titled “New Onset Dementia Among Survivors of Pneumonia Associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection,” the study was published in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

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