MEO launches 5 new services for Portuguese people! Find out what they are…

MEO has just announced the launch of 5 new services aimed at the needs of Portuguese families. Just as it has been innovating for more than a decade in the way Portuguese people watch television, MEO wanted to go further, once again challenging itself to strengthen its natural presence in the daily life of families, promising, through MEO Care.

Discover the company’s new services.

The new MEO services are divided into 5 categories

There are 5 new services launched by MEO. This time it is not about communication services, but about a set of services to respond to the concerns and needs of families.

Services are broken down into five broad categories: home, pets, health, seniors, and technology.

The customer also has the services of personal assistant (reservations, health, lifestyle, public services and culture) and remote technological support of a call (computer support, support in the configuration of technological accessories, online security, support in data recovery).

Via 800 200 400, the website or the MEO store network, the customer can subscribe to these new services available from today.

For João Epifânio, Chief Sales Officer B2C at Altice Portugal, “Over the past decade, MEO has set the tone for the industry, present and future, signaling trends and movements. We have created new ways of watching television, new content, new realities. At a time when the world has given us a new briefing, we have managed to go further, we have invested, we have innovated and the market has rewarded us with absolute leadership. Today, the MEO brand does not "only" deliver telecommunications and entertainment, but a wide range of home and out-of-home services with the aim of fulfilling its objective of "Connecting people to life", that is that is to say, to be closer and closer to our customers and to make life easier for Portuguese families.

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