It is now possible to shop and order food on Telegram – Link

Update on Telegram allows bots to place orders through the app

Update on Telegram allows bots to place orders through the app

This Monday 18, the telegram announced a new update allowing its users to order food or make in-app purchases. In an official statement via his in-app channel, founder Pavel Durov also revealed that features will be introduced to create notification sounds and new settings for exchanging messages.

Among the new features announced, there is one especially for creative minds: it is now possible to create notification sounds, new settings to mute groups, new emojis, gifs and a new menu to automatically delete the messages. All actions can be enabled in the configuration tab of the application. New languages ​​have also been introduced in the app’s translation button.

However, the biggest novelty of the application was reserved for bots, which now have more possibilities to create an interface and can be used, for example, for people to place orders via Telegram.

The platform gave a video demo during the introduction of the new features for bot creators to understand how bot intelligence has become more powerful. In the video, it was possible to place an order at a fictional restaurant called Durguer King.

The update comes after Telegram became one of Ukrainians’ weapons of resistance during the invasions led by Vladimir Putin. In the statement, Durov also acknowledged the importance of the Ukraine War app as a secure messaging portal for people in the country.

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