Chris Rock sees a rematch, he makes a drastic decision

Following Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars ceremony, the actor would have decided to take revenge in a very special way.

This is definitely the highlight of this last Oscar ceremony. Comedian Chris Rock was planning a rematch after being slapped by Will Smith. He could indeed clash the actor in his next one-man-show, in stand-up.

A sentence released to his audience on stage

After a joke in bad taste of humor Chris Rock on the wife of Will Smiththe latter had stung unite nervous breakdown, got up from his chair and simply slapped the comedian.

If Rock is waiting for the announcement of a price for the next word, he would obviously wait a little longer before Will Smith’s episode announcer.

According to several averages, including the “Initiated”Chris Rock would have benefited from this slap received after his joke on alopecia in Jada Pinkett Smith. Indeed, the comedian would sell more and more places of his show…

“I will been, I have a whole show to do, and I won’t talk about it until I get paid. Life is beautiful. I recently recovered my hearing”he said ironically, vis-à-vis his audience, in a performance in California.

A sketch on the Oscars gift?

The one who is known for his satirical humor has not yet made a “sketch” strictly speaking on the passing of Will Smith’s slap in the face at the Oscars. In the line of sight in his shows: the family kardashians or former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the comedian prefers to keep quiet, until his new stand-up show is over. It could attract the wrath of fans of Will Smith or if you are a snob reaches the American public. In any case, he announced that he would not express himself clearly on the subject until he “will not be paid”.

The comedian and comedian Chris Rock does he plan to make a sketch on this unfortunate media passage? For now he prefers to play his show not to mention the slap case.

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