Luc Dionne reveals new information that better explains the end of District 31

Lords of his passage on the set of Everybody talks about itLuc Dionne revealed gathers unpublished information to Guy A. Lepage.

Indeed, he revealed that before he made the decision to put an end to Borough 31the actors Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Catherine St-Laurent and Michel Charette had announced that they were leaving the boat.

So we were, as much on the part of the actors as on my part, [sur la même longueur d’ondes] “, he says.

Recall that, for his part, Luc Dionne expected to indicate that he was waiting and chose to bow out because he was tired. He also said that the death of Jean-Marc Vallée in December had been decisive in his decision.

THE Everybody talks about it, Luc Dionne also confessed that the character of Commander Daniel Chiasson was the one who most resembled him. ” My friends always told me: “it doesn’t matter if we don’t hear from you, we watch Chiasson and we know how you feel…” »

The last show will air this Thursday, April 21. A whole special event on the airwaves of ICI Télé is planned on the agenda. All the details here.

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