The cold can increase the risk of stroke; Know the symptoms and how to prevent

The prevention of this type of problem, however, is not done immediately only during these seasons, but with the maintenance of healthy habits throughout life, as the specialist points out. Patients with heart problems are also at increased risk.

“The ideal is to practice physical activities and to go to the doctor regularly, to control blood pressure and avoid the natural risk of hypertension”, explains Chadad.

Smoking and physical inactivity are some of the factors that increase the predisposition to the occurrence of strokes, as well as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, hypertension, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use illicit drugs and advanced age. In addition, the Ministry of Health points out that being a man is also a factor that increases this risk.

It should be noted that with the reduction in deaths from Covid-19, strokes and heart attacks are once again the main causes of death in Brazil, according to data from the Transparency Portal of Civil Registry Offices in Brazil.


Stroke can be divided into two groups: hemorrhagic and ischemic. The first results from a haemorrhage caused by the rupture of a cerebral vessel; the second type, which represents 85% of cases, can be caused by the death of brain cells due to an obstruction of an artery, a thrombosis or an embolism.

The neurosurgeon emphasizes that a stroke can occur, initially, with mild symptoms, then progress to a more serious condition, or manifest itself in an acute form.

“A stroke is characterized by a deficit that indicates brain damage or a neurological deficit, whether motor, with reduced strength in an arm or a leg, loss of vision [em um ou nos dois olhos] or [quando o] patient begins to lose consciousness,” says Chadad.

Additionally, symptoms such as weakness and tingling on only one side of the body – whether in the face, arms or legs – changes in speech or understanding, and sudden headaches no apparent cause may be signs of a stroke.

“If the person is going to get a drink and they can’t hold it properly because they suddenly lose their strength, that’s a sign of a stroke. [Na presença de] one of these clinical manifestations [citadas anteriormente]the person must consult a doctor immediately, because the symptom can evolve”, explains the specialist.

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