New Need For Speed ​​will have anime visuals [rumor]

New Need of speed does not yet have a release window, although insiders pin their arrival yet to 2022. While EA won’t comment on the title, reporters are trying to untangle behind-the-scenes details, as is the case with VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb. According to him, the game will feature photorealistic visuals, but with artistic elements based on the anime.

on your podcast giant bomb (Going through VGC), Grubb, a credible industry reporter, claims that these Japanese-like aesthetics should show up in the flames coming out of the exhausts, among other effects.

[O jogo] it will be photorealistic, but in addition it will have anime elements. You know, in a commercial for a car or something, you see the car rolling, but then cartoon flames or something come out of it? This is the kind of aesthetic that they [devs] selected.

Also according to the journalist, Autolog will return to multiplayer – the feature was a social network from previous Need For Speed ​​games, where there was a way to access multiplayer content – and it will be possible to customize parts of your car. Finally, Chicago (United States) inspired Lake Shore City, the city of gambling.

Autolog returns in multiplayer, you can customize all parts of your car. As for Lake Shore City, Criterion wants it to look like a real city, even if it’s fictional.

Attention! Although Grubb is a reliable source, it is good to treat the above information as simple rumors. After all, Criterion and EA haven’t said anything about it.

New Need For Speed ​​​​only in the new generation

Recently, Jeff Grubb himself brought another important piece of information about the new Need For Speed. Apparently, the project will be next-gen exclusive, which is to say, don’t wait for a PS4 port. Learn more here!

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