District 31’s 14 Most Hateful Villains

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Fraud, family dramas, domestic violence, drug trafficking, organized crime… Over the course of the intrigues of the 770 episodes of the daily Borough 31, author Luc Dionne created several villains who gave thread to return to the team of investigators led by Commander Chiasson. Here are some characters that audiences loved to hate.

Carl Juneau (Marc Belanger)

Photo: Laurent Arcouette

The author Luc Dionne has often drawn inspiration from reality to write the plots of Borough 31, and that staged the character of Carl Juneau recalls the drama presented Cédrika Provencher. The disappearance of little Théo Gagnon, aged eight, is the very first investigation on which the investigators of 31 worked, at the start of the broadcast of the daily in 2016. Unlike real life, Patrick (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) an accused if to receive the confessions of the killer, Carl Juneau (Marc Bélanger). A heartbreaking scene that completely shocked fans of Borough 31.

Christian Phaneuf (Emmanuel Auger)

Photo: Laurent Arcouette

The murder of fearsome Sixers leader Christian Phaneuf, shot at point-blank range by none other than Commander Daniel Chiasson (Gildor Roy), ranks among the most surprising reverentials of the six seasons of Borough 31. And to think that Emmanuel Auger almost refused this role! “I had already played naughty ones, all crooked ones, detestable ones… I think I’ve done the trick. Then I thought I was going to come up with another villain. I lowered my voice, slowed my flow, and it gave the dangerous Phaneuf.

Louis Bourgoin (Stephane Demers)

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Stéphane Demers offered us a superb interpretation in one of the most tragic scenes of the fifth season of Borough 31. Backed up against the wall by the investigators of the 31 following the confessions of the luxury prostitute Pascale Lanier (Caroline Néron), the minister Louis Bourgoin took his own life. A scene that shocked viewers, even if they did not carry the former director general of the Greater Montreal Police Service in their hearts.

Yannick Dubeau (Patrice Godin)


When Patrice Godin joined the cast of Borough 31 in 2018, he knew that his detective sergeant sound had a dark side, without suspecting that he was a real psychopath. “At the audition, the character was described as an effective investigator, but tormented by his past. I did not know that he was deranged to the point of sequestering a
sex worker in her basement,” explains Patrice.

Melissa Corbeil (Brigitte Paquette)

Photo: Yan Turcotte

Brigitte Paquette landed the role of the detestable Mélissa Corbeil by participating in the tv kids. “I was invited to pay tribute to the author Luc Dionne as part of a special program. As we watched a snippet ofomerta, he exclaimed on the set: “But why is this girl not working?” Three days later, he offered me to join the distribution of Borough 31.” The head of the Independent Investigations Service immediately made himself hated by the Quebec public, in particular by wanting to bring down Commander Chiasson.

Nick Romano (Mathieu Baron)

Photo: Yan Turcotte

Even if he had the gift of making us angry, it was with a twinge of heart that we said goodbye to Nick Romano, since he was one of the characters we loved to hate the most. Moreover, the episode of his death ignited social networks. Despite the three shots, many refused to believe that the ex-policeman was indeed deceased, each going from his hypothesis. Even his interpreter, Mathieu Baron, had fun casting doubt by posting snapshots of scenarios – previously crossed out – on social networks.

Hugo Simard (Alex Godbout)

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If Alex Godbout is not his first villain, those he has played are very different. In The blue Hourhe camped the choleric Thomas, in The little kingsthe Adaboy slit, and in Borough 31, the young policeman Hugo Simard, snowed in by ex-lieutenant Gabrielle Simard, who wants to make Commander Daniel Chiasson pay. “To portray a villain, you have to understand his motivations, his wounds. There is always a reason for what he does.

Thomas Lizotte (Maxime Gibeault)

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Maxime Gibeault has become the number one enemy of viewers by interpreting the awful Thomas Lizotte of Borough 31. Although he enjoys the challenge of playing villains, Maxime sometimes worries about being trapped in these types of roles for a long time. “Sometimes when people tell me on the street that they would run me over in a car so much they hate my character, I tell myself that I succeeded in what they hired me to do, but when a clerk refuses to serve me at the grocery store, I come back a bit. The fact remains that playing villains allowed me to share intense scenes with exceptional actors like Catherine St-Laurent and Vincent-Guillaume Otis,” explains the actor. (M.-HG)

Laurent Cloutier (Patrick Labbe)


We know it: initially, Laurent Cloutier was to die in the 16th episode! “When I have the first texts, I have already told the story of Luc Dionne that I am ready to let this character pass to attend another role in Borough 31“says the actor. In the learning cell, the author decided not to kill Laurent Cloutier, to the delight of the viewers, who adored this Secret Service agent and former lieutenant-detective of 31 coldly murdered at the very beginning of the fifth season.

Amelie Berube (Charlotte Legault)

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“Initially, I was only supposed to take part in a single day of filming as escort Amélie Bérubé, alias Nadia or Miss BBQ. to my great happiness, my character rose to prominence over the intrigues, when she became Laurent Cloutier’s blonde (Patrick Labbe)“recalls Charlotte Legault. Disappeared for her own safety, the character of Amélie made a big comeback in the fifth season finale. An appearance too short for “the one who knew too much” about the murder of Christian Phaneuf.

Patricia Ledoux (Anne Casabonne)

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Luc Dionne assumes all the intrigues he created for Borough 31. In an interview with QUB Radio, on the other hand, he admitted to having only one regret: having made the decision to shoot the character of Patricia Ledoux (Anne Casabonne). “When I watched the episode, it pained me a lot because she is extraordinary. She is a very talented actress. I could have done a year with her. It’s the hyper-efficient rabid terrorist who kidnapped journalist Jean Brière (Jeff Boudreault) along with the partner’s son, Vincent Lemaire (Patrick Drolet).

Denis Corbin (Paul Doucet)

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Ripou par excellence in this sixth and final season of Borough 31, this corrupt policeman from the narcotics squad to make him hate from his first appearances on the small screen. Many believe that Denis Corbin (Paul Doucet) is sleazy, an impression that was shaken when we discovered that he was involved in the death of beloved Stéphane Pouliot.

Nancy Riopelle (Genevieve Schmidt)

Photo: © Aetios Productions

In 2020, Geneviève Schmidt received the Gémeaux for best female bra role in a drama for her portrayal of Nancy Riopelle in Borough 31. “You tell yourself that I liked portraying this character as much as you hated Nancy Riopelle. As an actress, it’s rare that the same role allows us to play the pain, the rage, the madness, in addition to crowning the camera! (Laughs)This tormented character met a tragic end: he turned his gun against her in front of the house of Bruno Gagné (Michel Charette).


Photo: © Aetios Productions

Special mention to drug trafficking Joël Racicot (Sébastien Leblanc), author of the murder of Stéphane Pouliot (Sébastien Delorme). Surprised by Poupou in a kratom warehouse, he shoots the investigator three times at close range. Just for this gesture, he deserves the title of the villain par excellence of Borough 31!

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