Tired of Google? DuckDuckGo finder debuts for desktop


image: DuckDuckGo / play

In another attempt to increase competition with Google, the DuckDuckGo announced this Tuesday (12), the launch of the desktop beta version of its browser.

The beta version is initially released for macOS only. But according to Burger-Lenehan, the app’s product manager, the Windows version is already in production and “should be coming soon.”

The release of the macOS version of the browser takes place after the success of the application. According to DuckDuckGo, its desktop browser is, like its app, “a complete privacy solution for everyday browsing.”

For those unfamiliar with DuckDuckGo, here at Gizmodo Brasil we have already explained a little better how the search engine works, which is already known for its multiple layers of security and privacy that promise to protect user data.

Among the security and privacy tools are options to reduce the number of cookies on websites, not to save your last search information, etc.


In the new browser already available for macOS, the company has brought some additional security and above all privacy features different from Google.

These include blocking ad trackers on every website you visit. There is also an option to save passwords which even incorporates email protection, recently launched by the company. It blocks hidden trackers in outgoing emails.

Since the browser is in beta, even Apple users will have to join a waiting list to start testing it.

To do this, simply download the DuckDuckGo mobile app (or update to the latest version), then open the settings (top right of the app) and select DuckDuckGo Desktop App.

Then tap “Join Private Waitlist” and you will be notified when you receive an invite code to start the test.

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