Kingdom Hearts doxx Sora fans, find your realistic apartment in Tokyo

Kingdom Hearts fans are starting to choose kingdom hearts 4 trailer unveiled To the tracks with enthusiasm on Sunday, noting details like Possibility to include the world of Star Wars And Sora’s new pick for delicate shoes. They also find a luxury apartment building in the real world where Sora presumably lives in Tokyo, as the “after” Quadratum in the game is actually a recreation of the Japanese city.

Based on mass espionage by its Tokyo headquarters Audrey, Twitch streamerAlso known as aitaïkimochiA self-described “Square Enix fan”, Sora appears to have a luxurious pillow in Tokyo’s Aoyama district. Aoyoma is a chic and stylish part of town, and Sora’s location fits the neighborhood. Audrey and her viewers have discovered what appears to be the real apartment used as a model for Sora’s new dig, and it costs $2,000 a month to rent – around $1 million if Sora wants to buy it.

How did Audrey and her viewers follow Sora’s website? Using the parameters described in the file kingdom hearts 4 Trailer and Street View on Google Maps, of course. The realistic building they found is called Regno RavenIt is a typical building in the style of its accommodation. Sora would probably have a one or two bedroom apartment, but the real draw is the balcony and all the natural sunlight that pours in. Photograph building model unit Latif took a look at where Sora would probably live-kingdom hearts 3.

Of course, the building’s residents may not appreciate how well Square Enix and the Kingdom Hearts team can recreate where they live. Please Kingdom Hearts fans don’t turn this luxury building into a shrine. Sora, unlike Donald Duck, is not real!

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