Carolina Deslandes shocked by the situation at the restaurant: “Am I going crazy?”

Caroline Deslandes keeps the habit of being very active on her social networks, and she shares with her followers many of the episodes she comes across.

At a time when she is more in love than ever, doing nothing to hide anything from anyone, the singer wanted to share the story of a situation she was considering. unusualafter having lunch at the restaurant with her boyfriend, Igor Regalla.

through the stories on Instagram, Carolina Deslandes began by mentioning: “Guys, I wanted to share with you a scene that happened today. Igor says I’m exaggerating, but I think it’s the pinnacle of life“, he said.

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I’ll even leave a vote here, which is just for I can tell if I’m the one going crazy, or if it’s out of the ordinary“, revealed the singer. “Today we went to Lisbon for lunch, to a restaurant, and I said I was going to the bathroom. When I got to the queue, there was one person inside, one person waiting, and I was behind. And the person in front of me had a book in his hand, with marked pages. And went in, and sat down to read“.

Perplexed by the situation, Carolina Deslandes wonders: “Obviously, this person was peeing, because no one picks up a book to pee. Now my question is: who picks up a book and poops in a restaurant?“, leaving a poll to get responses from followers, as you can see below:

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