There’s another important Waze feature that fails on Android

Waze relies heavily on its users for essential information. This exchange of data makes it possible to know where the problems are and which paths to take to avoid them and thus have smoother journeys.

Of course, there are many things the service itself needs to provide, to complement and improve it. A feature like this now seems to have issues and prevents the full use of Waze, especially with the WhatsApp messaging service.

Android problem with Waze WhatsApp feature

Like many other Google tools, Waze integrates with a wide range of apps and services from other developers. This ensures that they can use this map and this travel service in other environments and with other functionalities.

One of these integrations allows WhatsApp to use Waze as a location source. These then allow users to go directly to these places, with the same simplicity that Waze has accustomed us to.

Android problem with Waze WhatsApp feature

It is precisely this ability which is now down for some Android smartphone users. Waze and WhatsApp work without any issues, but the interconnection between these two services just wasn't working as usual until recently.

This doesn't appear to be a problem that is spreading to many users, but it is still real and happening. Waze already appears to be aware of its existence and will work to resolve it, according to a moderator on the Google Services Forums.

Android problem with Waze WhatsApp feature

It is not known for sure what causes this problem and how it could repeat itself. However, there is also no temporary solution that can eliminate it and bring Waze and WhatsApp back to normal use.

It is expected that soon Waze or WhatsApp will present a solution to work around this problem. An update for this situation should appear as usual and allow the use of these 2 services together again.

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