Corsair K70 gaming keyboard gets more responsive optical keys

THE corsair releases a new version of his mechanical keyboard K70 gamer, which now has more responsive OPX optical keys. The previous K70 used the traditional Cherry keys, but otherwise the new model has the same features as the keyboard released last year: detachable USB-C cable, RGB lighting and a layout without the number pad on the side.

The main advantage of optical keys is related to the debounce delay, which often affects traditional mechanical keyboards. When you press a mechanical key, it may take a moment to respond as the metal contacts collide, causing a brief delay to register the command. When pressed, the optical keys interrupt a beam of infrared light, so there is no response delay.


But the benefits of Corsair’s new gaming keyboard don’t end there. Spokesperson for Justin Ocbina told The Verge that the company’s Axon technology already avoided any debounce delay when pressing a mechanical key for the first time. But the K70’s new optical keys don’t lag when you press them repeatedly. With this model, there is no 5 ms period during which the key cannot register a second press after the first.

Ocbina further stated that the K70 registers key presses at 4,000 Hz internally (four times faster than other mechanical keyboards) and transmits commands to the PC at up to 8,000 Hz (eight times faster than mechanical keyboards). competitors). Corsair claims this keeps average keyboard latency below 0.25ms.

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Finally, the K70 features durable dual-shot PBT keys, a physical tournament switch to disable macros during competition sessions, media keys, and a volume scroll bar. The user can even customize the keyboard illumination through the company’s iCUE software.

the mechanical keyboard Corsair K70 Costs US$150 (R$710 at current price) on the company’s website.

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