Autovoucher: Media Extension Announcement Drives Hundreds of Thousands of Subscriptions – News

“Since its extension until April, which took place on March 25, 336,000 taxpayers have joined the Autovoucher program,” an official Finance Ministry source said in response to Lusa.

After having decided in March to increase by 10 to 40 centimes per litre, up to a monthly ceiling of 50 litres, the reimbursement paid to taxpayers registered with the IVAucher, the Government announced that the measure would be maintained in April, continuing at the level of 40 cents per litre.

The extension of this support during this month was justified by the fact that “the hypotheses which determined the creation of the advantage” Autovoucher remain valid.

Launched at the beginning of November, the Autovoucher was designed to last five months, until March, providing for a reimbursement of 10 centimes per liter within the limit of 50 liters of fuel per month, the amount (equivalent to five euros) being paid with the first supply of the month.

Rising fuel prices led the government to increase support to 40 cents per liter in March, a move that was accompanied by an increase in the number of take-up of the scheme.

According to the rules of the measure, a person who joined in March, but only uses the service in April, will receive this month a total of 40 euros in reimbursement with the first supply.

For those who join during the month of April, the total benefit is 20 euros.

At the end of March, reimbursements made via the Autovoucher had already reached 66.89 million euros.

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