Testosterone levels may be linked to severe Covid-19, study finds

A study carried out in partnership with Swansea University in UK, took a serious look at the link between testosterone and estrogen with Covid-19. It is believed that the lack or presence of hormones can influence the prognosis of diseases.

According to research, it is possible to notice that certain factors influence hospitalization, these are: age and sex. The elderly and men are those who have experienced more serious situations in the infection.


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Research then began to work with two hypotheses, the first which points out that high levels of testosterone cause severe cases and, the second reports the opposite, that low levels of the hormone are responsible.

The researchers took into account the fingers of the the patients. It sounds weird, but it makes sense! Men with longer ring fingers tend to have higher testosterone levels, just like women with longer index fingers tend to have higher estrogen levels.

The researchers concluded that patients with short, “feminized” fingers may have symptoms severe cases of Covid-19, taken to hospital. While those with large differences between their right and left hands are even more susceptible.

the doctor is holding a testosterone test
Testosterone levels may be linked to severe Covid-19, study finds. Image: Shutterstock

“The ‘feminized’ differences in digit ratios among hospitalized patients support the idea that individuals who have experienced low testosterone and/or high estrogen are prone to severe expression of Covid-19. This may explain why the highest risk group is men. agesaid Professor John Manning.

“It is important because if it is possible to identify more precisely who is likely to be prone to severe Covid-19, it would help to target the vaccination“, he added.

Via: Medical Xpress

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