After all, have fuel prices fallen more or less than expected?

OFuel prices fell at the start of the week, as had been anticipated at the end of last week. However, although the price of gasoline has fallen in line with expectations, the truth is that the average price of simple diesel, calculated by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG), has fallen less than expected. Let’s go to the accounts.

On April 4, the average price of simple gasoline 95 was 1,989 euros per litre, while on Friday April 1, the average price was 2,037 euros per litre. It is 0.048 euros less per liter.

already the single-diesel it averaged €1,927 per liter on Monday, compared to €2,001 per liter on Friday. It’s a decrease of 0.083 euros per liter.

The forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, rememberindicated a decrease in 12 cents in the case of diesel it’s from four cents in the case of gasoline. Does this mean that the price of gasoline fell in line with expectations, while that of diesel fell less than expected.

Up-to-the-minute news Evolution of the prices of simple gasoline 95 (in yellow) and simple diesel (in blue)© Reproduction of the ‘Online fuel prices’ site

Despite falling prices, the Government has decided to maintain the lower rates of the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP).

Depending on the mechanism that compensates, through the PAI, for the increase or decrease in VAT receipts caused by the evolution of fuel prices, the drop in diesel and petrol prices should therefore result in a worsening of IAP.

However, and given the current context, the government has chosen to postpone this adjustment until the FAI is reduced by the application of the formula, as happened last week, according to the ministry led by Fernando Medina.

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