Twitter creates a new tool to allow posts with two authors; for now the feature is not yet available for users


The functionality would be similar to what exists on Instagram, where two authors can subscribe to the same post.

Twitter is testing a feature to enable shared posting
© Credits: UnsplashTwitter is testing a feature to enable shared posting

O Twitter create a new tool that will allow the creation of collaborative posts, that is to say, posts signed by several users. The discovery was made by Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer famous for finding novelties in the code of developing versions of social networks.

According to Paluzzi, who posted footage from the feature film, creating tweets together will be similar to what exists on Instagram. So, the user must make a publication and, later, invite another Internet user to subscribe to it. With the authorization granted by the second user, the message will be written with the authorship of both.

People who have a public account and follow will earn a chance to be invited to subscribe to a post. It should also help influencers be able to partner with brands, which is common on Instagram.

It is hoped that the shared tweet will appear to the subscribers of both authors. For now, the platform has not officially commented on the new feature. Thus, it is not yet known when it will be available for use on the social network.

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