THE BALL – “The VAR ate popcorn” (Brazil)

Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira was not at all happy with the refereeing in the loss to São Paulo (1-3) in the first leg of the Paulista Championship final.

At issue is the offer that resulted in the penalty in the opponent’s first goal and an alleged maximum penalty that was not scored in favor of his team.

“Gómez suffered a clear penalty and VAR was eating popcorn. I didn’t see the clear plug. This Paulista is already leaning, do what you want, he’s already leaning!” said the coach, adding of the controversial penalty in favor of São Paulo: “The referee, who was well placed and who whistled well. But VAR intervened and by the rules they should only do so when it’s a blatant error. And the referee didn’t have the courage to uphold the decision. It was a hard, hard blow. We didn’t deserve it, it was a mistake we couldn’t control. Referees make mistakes like coaches and players make mistakes.

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