THE BALL – Infantino lifts Russia suspension with end of conflict (FIFA)

The war in Ukraine and human rights were strong themes at the 72nd FIFA Congress in Doha, Qatar. The president of world football’s governing body, Gianni Infantino, has announced that the suspensions of clubs and the Russian national team will be lifted once the troops leave Ukraine. And he also defended himself from the attacks of the president of the Norwegian federation, Lisa Klaveness, who considered the holding of the World Cup in Qatar unacceptable, for violation of human rights.

“I am devastated by what is happening. The suspensions were not easy decisions. We must wait for the end of hostilities. Russia turned to the CAS [Tribunal Arbitral do Desporto] and wait. FIFA will be present the day after the end of the war,” said the FIFA President.

The President of the Russian Federation, Alexey Sorokin, was present at the congress and criticized the sanctions. “It is strange that Russia was prevented from participating in the qualifications [do Mundial]. Fans and players have nothing to do with it [guerra]“, pleaded the leader.

In a video message, the President of the Ukrainian Federation, Andriy Pavelko, shared a moving message: “During this period, we have received sad news of deaths of people from the Ukrainian football community. They were killed by the attacker. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the federations who have supported us and particularly those who come to the aid of young people who have fled the war. I believe in every word, prayer and deed of those who support Ukraine and are against the war. We cannot be silent.

The president of the Norwegian federation judged the attribution of the organization of the World Cup to Qatar “unacceptable and with unacceptable consequences”. Lisa Klaveness said workers “injured and killed” were forgotten and that a country “that does not guarantee safety and respect for LGBT+ people” should be banned from hosting the World Cup. In response, Infantino acknowledged that “all is not perfect” in this area, but that Qatar has made “exemplary” progress. He added: “The result of work that took decades in other countries has been achieved by Qatar in a few years.”

FIFA has decided to reduce the number of players clubs can loan out: eight (three to the same team) in 2022/2023, seven in 2023/2024 and six in 2024/2025. This rule does not apply to players aged 21 or under or those who have been trained at the club.

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