“I didn’t know if I was going to come out alive from the operation”

INTERVIEW, PART III – Back in Mexico, Layún, 33, hopes to complete a career he believes will be as he always dreamed of in America, where he no longer believed he would return. Having overcome the health problem, he just wants to “enjoy.” He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2019 and he admits he was afraid he might not come out of the operation alive.

Just under three years ago, Layún’s world was on the verge of falling apart when he went to accompany his wife to a routine check-up and left with the worst news: he had been diagnosed with cancer. kidney. With the problem solved, Layún returned to football and agreed to reminisce about those moments of anguish that made him look at life with different eyes.

Tell me a little about you. How was the experience in America?
-It was amazing to come back to the club that I love so much. When I left Mexico and went to England, I never hid the desire to return to America, but at first it didn’t work. The team was doing very well and I ended up going to Monterrey. Honestly, I thought I couldn’t go back. Now that I’m here, I have to say that’s all I ever dreamed of in my career. I played for the best clubs, like FC Porto, Sevilla, Villarreal… and now coming back to Mexico and my club is amazing. This year the results have not been very good, but I am sure that in the end we will achieve something.

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