Adán ‘captures’ young talent in Spain: ‘They can come and gain experience’ – Sporting

Sporting goalkeeper says Portuguese league is ideal for young Spaniards who can’t assert themselves in La Liga

Antonio Adán has revealed that he ‘captures’ young talent in Spain, in order to convince them to come to the Portuguese league. The Sporting goalkeeper even says that it is “an ideal championship for many young people who in Spain do not have so many opportunities”. “I try to spread the message in Spain. I think it’s an ideal league for a lot of young people who in Spain don’t have as many opportunities to play in the 1st division. To come here, to play with continuity in a demanding league like Portugal. young players who are in the B team of important clubs. Who can come here and gain experience,” said the Spanish goalkeeper in an interview with Sport TV. Turning to a more personal side, Adán says he is a calm person: “My teammates can tell you how I am, but I can tell you that I like to be equal on and off the pitch. I learned that it is not necessary to talk so much in the locker room, but to be an example in everyday life. I think it is a way of leading, especially for the youngest. I tell them that training is important. Transmitting that tranquility and security on the pitch and in the baths.”

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