Why is the price of diesel increasing more than that of gasoline?

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OFuel prices have increased as a result of the war in Ukraine, but what is happening week by week is that the price of diesel has increased more than that of gasoline. For example, earlier this weekdiesel increased by 15 cents per litre, while gasoline increased by 10 cents per litre. What explains this difference?

The problem is the fact that the Russian refineries mainly produce diesel. with the war, supply fell, but demand remainedwhich explains the more expressive diesel rise, according to the CNN.

Filling the deposit became more expensive on Monday, both for drivers of diesel cars and for those who have petrol cars. After all, gasoline rose more than expected, but diesel rose slightly below forecast.

These calculations, it should be remembered, were made by Notícias ao Minuto on the basis of the average prices published by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG) and the forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, published on Friday. The trustee estimated an increase of 16.4 cents in the case of diesel and six cents in the case of gasoline.

The application of the compensation mechanism, which came into effect this month, resulted in a drop of 1.3 cents per liter in the ISP tariff, without a drop in the price of gasoline because the variation in the price of liter of this fuel was less than eight cents.

In order to mitigate the price of fuel, the government decided on a weekly basis to adjust the ISP rate according to the increase in VAT revenue.

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