‘Visão’ claim that Benfica wanted to speed up the filing of the ‘Blue Bag’ process – Benfica

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The investigation was extended for six months

The magazine ‘Visão’ reveals this Thursday that Benfica tried, in mid-2021, to speed up the filing of the ‘Blue Bag’ lawsuit, where SAD is suspected of tax evasion and money laundering. The reds will have filed a request in the file in order to settle a debt of 250 thousand euros to the finances, an initiative which has never been followed up by the prosecution. ‘Visão’ also argues that the Attorney General’s Office has granted an additional six months for the conclusion of the investigation, which should have ended in mid-March. It is recalled that the judicial police and the prosecution suspect that part of the 1.9 million euros paid by Benfica to an IT consulting company may have ended up in the account of former referee Bruno Paixão, and it could there be signs of sporting corruption – which, at the limit, would dictate the divisional descent of the Eagles. Bruno Paixao has previously denied these allegationsclaiming to be the victim of “a public murder”.

to know here full details on the ‘Blue Bag’ process.

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