“The referee was punched and pushed down the stairs”



São Lourenço do Douro presented their version of the events of the match with São Pedro da Cova, interrupted due to lack of security conditions.

São Lourenço do Douro published this Thursday a note of clarification regarding the meeting with São Pedro da Cova, of AF Porto Cup, interrupted in the 60th minute after the referee considered that the security conditions were not met .

The referee declared the game over and as he walked to the locker room he was punched. “We hereby clarify that yesterday’s match between S. Lourenço do Douro and S. Pedro da Cova was interrupted by an contempt away from our club. We also inform you that due to the impossibility of the police presence in this match, a fact beyond our control. club, the security of the game was carried out according to the directives sent by AF Porto, following exactly to the letter all that was requested with the 4 ADRs “, can we read.

“The referee of the match, due to the threats of the elements of S. Pedro da Cova, decided that the security conditions were not met to continue the match and suspended him and pushed with extreme violence in the stairs. It was only by luck that it did not result in a much greater tragedy,” continues S. Lourenço.

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