THE BALL – Luís Gonçalves faces a three-month to three-year suspension (FC Porto)

The Committee of Instructors of the League (CI) demands sanctions against Luís Gonçalves, Pepe and Bruno Tabata, for their involvement in the incidents at the end of the classic between FC Porto and Sporting (1-1), on February 11, in the Estádio do Dragão, round 22 of the championship. The charges against the FC Porto general manager, the Dragons centre-back and the Sporting striker have already been deducted. The three can now defend themselves and the decision will then be made at a disciplinary hearing. Luís Gonçalves faces the heaviest sentence – a three-month to three-year suspension – while players can be suspended between two months and two years.

The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation announced, on February 15, the first sanctions applied for confusion and aggression at the end of the classic. Luís Gonçalves was suspended preventively in a non-automatic way for 20 days at the same time as a disciplinary procedure was instituted “for entering the field of play to provoke a conflict with an opponent”. The IC has however collected evidence and is now demanding that the leader be punished.

Pepe and Bruno Tabata risk, as we said, suspensions of two months to two years. The central defender of FC Porto and the striker of the lions were suspended by the CD for two games, preventively and automatically, also on February 15. After completing the first punishment, they could be used again.

Rúben Amorim, the coach of Sporting, even quipped during the preview conference of the classic against FC Porto, of the first leg of the Portuguese Cup, on March 2, in Alvalade, when he declared that no sanctions would be applied to players until Portugal. playing the World Cup play-off, in which Pepe was able to play against North Macedonia, a match in which he was one of the best on the pitch. A day after Portugal marked the qualification for Qatar, we know that the CD has already filed a complaint.

The centre-back, the CD revealed, ‘kicked a manager of the opposing team [Hugo Viana]committing an act of violent conduct”, while the attacker “pushes an opposing team manager [Luís Gonçalves]committing an act of violent conduct”.

The case concerning Sporting sporting director Hugo Viana, also involved in the final confusion, falling out with Pepe, has been closed. Hugo Viana had been preventively suspended in a non-automatic way for 20 days. The opening of the disciplinary procedure was justified, according to the CD, “for having entered the field of play to provoke a conflict with an opponent”. CI concluded that this did not happen and Hugo Viana was acquitted.

In summary, goalkeeper Marchesín (one game suspension), defender Coates (two) and midfielder Palhinha (3) were also suspended.

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