LE BALL – “This is all a joke” (Cycling)

In reaction to the information published on Wednesday by A BOLA concerning the ratification, by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), of the four-year suspension applied by the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal to Spain c, with direct effects on the classifications of the 2017 and 2018 rounds of Portugal, as well as other competitions, Adriano Quintanilha, manager and sponsor of the cycling team, W52-FC Porto, realized that the decision had already been contested, after have appealed to a civil court in Switzerland.

“Because we do not agree with the decision of the CAS, on the 5th of this month, through Spanish lawyers, we appealed to the civil court in Switzerland, because we believe in the words of the runner who claims to be innocent. The first decision that was taken by the UCI did not surprise us, because we know how things work. This is a situation very similar to what is happening in Portugal, where the names of cyclists preventively suspended by the ADoP are not disclosed. [Autoridade Antidopagem de Portugal]», tells A BOLA, Adriano Quintanilha.

“The case of Raul Alarcón has very strange contours. It was not until October 2019 that they reported that he had abnormal values ​​in the biological passport for 2017 and 2018. The cyclist did not run the Volta a Portugal 2019 due to a fall in the Grand Price of Abimota and took painkillers, as he fractured his collarbone, but everything was duly declared. That year he received the full salary and in 2020 he was supported financially and there was already an agreement to renew for 2020 and 2021,” said the entrepreneur from the clothing sector.

“It’s a persecution they make of the cyclist and the team. If I didn’t trust Raul, I wouldn’t support him and I wouldn’t spend money on resources. Just for the latter, we paid about 40,000 euros and we will go to the last consequences I don’t need to ride a bike for anything in the world, everyone knows my professional life, I am for truth and honesty, but n “Don’t try to deceive me. It’s all a joke, with gentlemen sitting in the armchairs and paying us. Be ashamed and don’t cause any more problems”, concluded, critic, the manager of W52-FC Porto , committed to obtaining the document justifying the appeal to our newspaper, as well as the name of the city whose civil court it was presented, since by via sport the case was dismissed.

In the meantime, and based on the CAS decision, the UCI has already updated the 2017 and 2018 Volta a Portugal standings, awarding Amaro Antunes and Joni Brandão the respective overall wins.

The position of the Portuguese Cycling Federation is awaited.

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