Brazil are the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup and Portugal are in 8th place – World Cup 2022

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Bookmakers are already starting to count the big event in Qatar

The World Cup in Qatar is already on the horizon and the bookmakers are starting to do the math. According to Solverde, Portugal are the eighth favorite to win the competition, with a 7% chance of winning the title. The favorites are Brazil, France and England.

Recall that Brazil beat Bolivia and finished the South American qualifier in first place. He is the favorite to win the 2022 World Cup, posting a 16% chance of winning the sixth World Cup in his history.

France is the second favorite selection, with a 13% chance of winning. The favorites’ podium ends with England, who now have a 12% chance of winning.

In front of Portugal, there are still four other teams. Spain (12% probability of winning), Germany (10%), Belgium (9%) and Argentina (9%).

The 10 favourites:

1. Brazil – 16%

2. France – 13%

3. England – 12%

4. Spain – 12%

5. Germany – 10%

6. Belgium – 9%

7. Argentina – 9%

8.Portugal – 7%

9. Netherlands – 6%

10. Denmark – 4%

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