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O benfica received Modicus in the afternoon of this Wednesday March 30, at the Pavilhão Fidelidade, in a match of the 24th day (in advance) of the 1st phase of Liga Placard. A blistering start, accentuated by management in the second half and translated into the final 6-2, continued the Eagles’ winning streak at home.

He was literally going to score! On the first offensive play of the match, Chishkala shot the post and arthurin the right place, at the right time, attacked the nets (1-0). Benfica created two good chances in the minutes that followed through Chishkala, but it was again Arthur, at 8 ‘to finish and bisate at the meeting (2-0).

The eagles were in full swing and the 3-0 it came at 13′, with an artistic note. Chishkalaon the left side of the courtyard, beam shot and Robinhopositioned in front of the goal, lifted the ball and, without letting the ball touch the ground, shot into the back of the net. The advantage of those commanded by Pulpis was extended in the next minute, with a Own goal by Pedrinho (4-0).

Benfica Futsal

THE After 15 minutes, Modicus created the first dangerous situation to Benfica’s goal, controlled by Roncaglio. Corn, at 18′Óscar Santos beat the red keeper and reduced to 4-1a result that lasted until on break.

In the second half, Benfica brought less pressure Gambling. Yet there was no shortage of opportunities and goals. In the first minute of the restart, Henmi and Tayebi tried their luck, but the ball was far from entering. To the 28′the time has (finally) come to Chishkala to end. the Russian international since the start of the match, he was going around the Modicus Beacon It’s like 5-1, carried out the threat.

Tayebi and Tomas Silva

Calm and efficient, Benfica increased the gap to 6-1, thanks to a shot from Tomás Silva (37th). The Modicin the next minute, always reduced to 6-2, but the victory, that one, did not escape the eagles!

At Saturday April 2, at 5 p.m., Benfica contests the game of 21st round of the 1st phase of La Liga Placard to CR Candoso sports pavilion, in front of the local team.



Pulpis (Benfica coach): “The difference between the game with Torreense and this one was that we practically scored. It opened up the game a lot. Almost all of our games resulted in a goal, that changes everything. For Modicus it was mentally difficult. the other day we played better but the ball didn’t want to go in. First shot and we scored, second shot and the same thing happened we were more effective and that’s what makes the difference in the game. “

Benfica Futsal

Benfica v Modicus
Loyalty Pavilion
Benfica’s starting lineup
Roncaglio, Afonso Jesus, Chishkala, Robinho and Arthur
André Sousa, Silvestre, Tomás Silva, Pedro Marques, Rafael Henmi, Nilson, Tayebi, Bruno Cintra and Carlos Monteiro
on break 4-1
Benfica goalscorers
Arthur (1′ and 8′), Robinho (13′), Pedrinho (own goal, 14′), Chishkala (28′) and Tomás Silva (37′)

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