“Abel is already disputed even to win, imagine if he was in selection”

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Titles and victories give Abel more and more status in Brazilian football, so there are already those who associate him with the national team.

But there are those who still aren’t a big fan of the idea of ​​having a foreign coach guiding Brazil. This is the case of Dunga, who was also the coach of canary.

“In Brazil, there are great coaches ready to take over the national team. And, if asked, everyone loved coaching the Brazilian team. I agree with Cafu, we have competent, high-quality coaches , who can coach Brazil well. At the moment, Brazil does not need a foreign coach to command the national team,” he said as quoted by Globoesporte.

After this response, Dunga was directly asked about Abel’s name, he praised the Portuguese coach, but did not recommend him for selection.

“He already knows Brazilian football, but we see that he has difficulties off the pitch, even to win. Everyone wants a foreign coach in the Brazilian team. Then 50 or 60% of those people will question the coach when it happened”, he began by justifying himself.

“It’s already disputed to win everything in Palmeiras, to do an exceptional job. There are people who disagree with the way Palmeiras plays. But isn’t football made to win? Isn’t he winning? Now imagine if you were in the national team,” he concluded.

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