″Must be great at bowling because all of a sudden he hit nine″

Defense attorney mocked trial of No Name Boys supporters

Lawyer Soraia Quarenta said this Thursday at trial that the defendant she represents in the trial of the “No Name Boys case”, which is taking place in the court of Sintra, cannot be responsible for the acts of which he is accused .

Indeed, according to him, there is a contradiction between the fact of being accused of having thrown a bottle and, at the same time, of having committed nine crimes of attack on physical integrity.

“He must be a great bowler because, all of a sudden, he managed to hit nine,” Soraia Quarenta claimed on trial.

The lawyer also defended that the accused in question “has not been identified by witnesses” and that, as such, “cannot be linked to the facts deduced in the indictment”, which according to her “leave more questions than answers”.

Fábio Pereira was accused of having “thrown a glass bottle at police officers”, but, as he defended, “the intention to harm physical integrity was an extrapolation”.

“He was charged with excluding plays. ‘It wasn’t the others, so it was the one.’ What did Fábio throw? And where is the proof? Where is the proof that he threw it?”

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