THE BALL – Fernando Santos overtakes Scolari in the final stages (Selection)

By beating North Macedonia (2-0), Portugal reached the 2022 World Cup and reached the fourth intercontinental competition with Fernando Santos at the helm. A feat that places the 67-year-old coach in a prominent place in the history of the national team.

Never before has a coach taken the local team to so many final stages of intercontinental competitions. Closer than Luiz Felipe Scolari, with three, and for one of them he didn’t need to qualify.

The Brazilian coach, we recall, led Portugal to Euro-2004 (organized by our country), to the 2006 World Cup and completed his stage in the local team after the 2008 European Championship .

Discover the Portuguese coaches in the final stages of major competitions:

Competetion Year picker
world 1966 Otto Gloria/Manuel Luz Afonso
European 1984 Fernando Cabrita
world 1986 Jose Torres
European 1996 Antonio Oliveira
European 2000 Humbert Coelho
world 2002 Antonio Oliveira
European 2004 Luiz Felipe Scolari
world 2006 Luiz Felipe Scolari
European 2008 Luiz Felipe Scolari
world 2010 Carlos Queiroz
European 2012 Paul Bento
world 2014 Paul Bento
European 2016 Fernando Santos
world 2018 Fernando Santos
European 2020 Fernando Santos
world 2022 Fernando Santos

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